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Job SummaryOur Converged Security Office prides itself in its unique structure that sees an integration and collaboration model between our Information Risk, Cyber, Resilience, Physical Security & Forensics teams to ensure effective risk management across all disciplines. It also carries the responsibility of owning, operationally supporting and maintaining specialist security services to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of infrastructure and information to our customers in order to meet industry and regulatory requirements and good practice.

You will be tasked to detect, prevent, investigate and recover on fraud, theft and corruption matters reported (Group Wide) by identifying, assessing, mitigating and reducing losses.

Job Description


  • Investigate all fraud, theft, corruption cases allocated, end to end, (irrespective of the level or sensitivity) by ensuring that all investigative / operating methodologies (e.g. planning, reporting) are adhered to within the prescribed time limits.
  • Assess all new cases allocated on the Case Management System (CIES) and take appropriate actions to reduce mitigate and prevent further losses / potential losses to the Bank, by imposing General Security Message holds, circulating warning messages and immediate recoveries from accounts and other banks etc.
  • Conduct proper planning on investigations by determining the direction to be followed (e.g. interviewing of suspects, obtaining of evidence) with continuous feedback and one on one discussions with Stakeholders (e.g. Retail Business Bank, Face 2 Face, AVAF).
  • Conduct a proper risk assessment with each investigation, which includes quantification of the loss, insurance claims, media impact / exposure, blocking accounts, claims, provisions, risk mitigation and compliance reporting, Ombudsman queries and engaging with Group Legal Services etc.
  • Obtain all relevant evidence related to the investigation, analyse, evaluate the evidence, and determine what evidence is admissible or inadmissible in order to make meaningful observations / conclusions on the findings.
  • Ensure timeous compliance regarding specific reporting requirements, differentiate and identify relevance to each investigation: Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act (PRECCA), Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA), Insurance (i.e. Marsh), Head Office Exchange Control (HOEC), Anti-Bribery and Corruption Act (ABAC), South African Fraud Prevention Services (SAFPS) and South African Banking Risk Intelligence Centre (SABRIC) etc.
  • Make meaningful and factually based recommendations to Stakeholders, with regard to the raising of provisions / refunds to clients/ repudiations / recovery actions and write-offs to conclude the financial aspects of an investigation.
  • Maintain and update “Significant Cases” PowerPoint updates on a monthly basis to keep EXCO members appraised of losses / risks exposed during the course of an investigation.
  • Interview internal and external suspects, witnesses and victims and obtain written statements to conclude investigation findings for disciplinary hearings, criminal and civil matters etc.
  • Capture all fixed fields listed on the CIES system – per case – for management information and statistical purposes (accurately and timeously).
  • Compile a comprehensive case report containing the factual findings of the investigation, recommendations addressing people, processes, procedures and system failures or internal and external threats and forward the final report to Stakeholders, Employee Relations (ER), Group Legal Services etc.
  • Ensure that each investigation has an accurate, value-adding conclusion, which is shared and discussed with Business for them to understand the investigation findings in order to make informed /appropriate decisions (e.g. financial recommendations, risk assessments and disciplinary recommendations).
  • Provide feedback to Heads of Business Units / other Stakeholders insofar as investigation findings and recommendations are concerned via face to face meeting /e-mail correspondence or executive reporting where applicable for business to be appraised on the investigation status.
  • Provide assistance / support to other internal investigators by conducting cross province investigations /interviews / obtaining of evidence (work load distribution, cost saving etc.).
  • Provide relevant findings and evidence for the use in disciplinary purposes and CCMA matters to Line Management and Employee Relations to ensure that appropriate and successful sanctions are handed down. Attend disciplinary / CCMA hearings when required.
  • Meet with the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to provide expert witness evidence in the relevant Magistrate / Regional and Supreme Courts of South Africa, for aggravation of sentence in court regarding criminal matters.
  • Attend criminal / civil court proceedings when summons to do so, to provide expert evidence in Court, relating to Absa’s products, processes and flow of transactions to obtain successful prosecutions.

Risk Identification and Fraud Prevention

  • Identify fraud risks and or emerging risks during the course of an investigation or interactions with internal /external stakeholders; escalated upon discovery, to the relevant Business Unit and the Fraud Defense/Strategy Recoveries and Remediation Department for assessment and closing of “gaps” related to processes, policies and systems.
  • Make recommendations and suggest solutions on how to close the gaps identified through the CIES Control Breakdown fixed field.
  • Participate in the monthly Fraud Defense/Strategy meetings on cases, which meets the set criteria; to provide factual / updated information on risks and the mitigation thereof.
  • Identify high-risk Business areas, through feedback received from parties attending risk forums / investigations outcomes and perform specific fraud awareness presentations at the respective Business Units to the identified staff.
  • Provide subject matter input into the training awareness material, to ensure that it remains relevant and up to date.
  • Inform Heads of Business via e-mail of new trends / scams identified with further escalation to Stakeholders and Business Units for further actions.
  • Report qualifying risk incidents, as per the criteria set out in the Operation Risk / Financial Crime Management Incident Reporting Procedures in order to adhere to compliance requirements.
  • Establish meaningful relationships with various Corporate Company’s Fraud Departments i.e. Other Banks, SARS, Cell Phone Company¡¦s s etc., for fraud networking purposes and the sharing of information regarding new trends / scams.
  • Prepare and circulate warning messages to Business Units / Stakeholders – via e-mail – concerning trends, scams and risk identifications etc., to prevent further losses.

Operational Requirements and Compliance

  • Identify areas of improvement, make suggestions / recommendations on ways of working, concerning the investigative and operating methodologies to line management for further consideration, to improve standards and workflow.
  • Adhere to the Data Privacy / Information Security, Access Control etc., policies at all times and to the Absa’s Clean Desk Policy.
  • Adhere to all mandates i.e. Corporate Credit Card-, travel and accommodation policies etc., with due regard to the guidelines specified.
  • Work co-operatively with colleagues, contributing positively and constructively to the achievement of the organizations’ objectives.

Role Requirements:


  • Diploma in Forensic Investigation and Criminal Justice or
  • At least 5 years’ experience in the Retail Banking environment
  • Valid Driver’s License


  • Equivalent Degree
  • Experience in the fraud investigation environment.
  • General knowledge of Risk Management and Principles of Risk Management.

Knowledge & Skills:

  • Influencing and negotiating – Advanced
  • Team management skills – team building and leadership – Solid
  • Communication skills – verbal and written – Advanced
  • Ability to work independently and under pressure – Advanced
  • Relationship management and networking – Advanced
  • Analytical skills – Advanced
  • Risk management – Solid
  • Report writing – Advanced
  • Problem solving ability – Advanced
  • Conflict management – Solid
  • PC Literacy – Solid
  • Understanding of the Criminal-, Civil- and Labour Law – Advanced
  • Investigation skills – Advanced
  • Banking product, policy and procedural knowledge – Expert
  • Interviewing technique – Advanced

EducationBachelor`s Degrees and Advanced Diplomas: Law, Military Science and Security (Required)

Absa Bank Limited is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. In compliance with the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998, preference will be given to suitable candidates from designated groups whose appointments will contribute towards achievement of equitable demographic representation of our workforce profile and add to the diversity of the Bank.

Absa Bank Limited reserves the right not to make an appointment to the post as advertised


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