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Location: United Arab Emirates, Middle East.

Salary: Unspecified

Company: Skelmore Hospitality Partners Co. LLC

Permanent/Full Time.

Position Profile / Job Purpose

Ensure that the hostesses are carrying out their assigned duties effectively. Make sure that the guests are being greeted well and that they are being attended promptly and are being offered the best possible services. Responsible for providing high end level support and information to the guests and is responsible for handling the financial transactions and assisting the customers in their reservations.

Plan and coordinate group reservations, supervise and train the hostess at the restaurant. Manage the Hostess team and work closely with the Reservations team.

Maximize revenue opportunities in the areas of individual and group reservations. Demonstrate meticulous planning and coordination to guarantee success in the operational and functional management of the Seven rooms reservation system. Be the first point of contact to welcome the guest to R’s and manage all table allocations.

Primary Responsibilities

  • To oversee the duties of the hostess reservations team by monitoring the expected bookings. To make sure that the guests are being welcomed and greeted in an appropriate manner and that their registration and check in procedures have been carried out in a warm and friendly manner
  • Must work in collaboration with the Asst. Manager (CRM) for group reservations and assign tables in the restaurant and the lounge.
  • Must use SEVENROOMS reservations system to assign tables in the restaurant and the lounge.
  • To see that the staff members are handling the special needs of the guests like providing vehicle valet service, causing minimum disturbance, making arrangements for luggage collection as well as storage, ensuring that messages for guests have been promptly conveyed, to note down the complaints of the guests, etc.
  • To make sure that the guests follow the rules and regulations, to take care that the telephone calls have been handled properly, to provide additional information to the guests about the tourist spots, and to ensure that the check-out procedures of the guests are executed in a friendly manner
  • To post all the relevant charges to the appropriate account, to provide the itemized bills to the guests, and make sure that they are delivered promptly and are accurate
  • To generate accounts that are in accordance with the needs and ensuring adherence with the department’s policies
  • To maximize the sales by providing the guests with additional information regarding its products and services, and to make sure that the guests are satisfied, so that they will be tempted to visit again, thus ensuring better business
  • Promote all amenities, conveniences and programs offered
  • Direct, coach and manage guest relations team to ensure all standards and operating procedures are adhered to
  • Appraise team’s performance and produce reports
  • Communicate with supervisors or management on any issue related to the guests
  • Handle all cases related to guest courteously and professionally
  • Manage and train the Hostess team. Schedule their rosters and assign daily duties.
  • Notify Operations/Lounge Manager/Executive Chef of unusual incidents.
  • Schedule reservation for guests both in person and over the phone
  • Managing, coaching and uplifting the Front door/Hostess team.
  • Ensure that accurate records are maintained of all group reservations and filed in accordance with the company policy and procedures.
  • Managing, coaching and uplifting the Front door/Hostess team
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